Sunday, May 22

Google’s secret app to help you switch from iPhone to Android

Google makes it easy for users to switch from iPhone to Android. But the first step is already tricky: you have to find the hidden Google application.

Whether it is for Apple or Google, there is now a challenge to retain their users, but it is also necessary to facilitate the transition from one ecosystem to another. Apple has been offering an application called Migrate to iPhone for a long time, which you can find in our file. On Android, each manufacturer has its own application, so there are many ways to transfer data from an iPhone to Android.


Google has also launched its iOS application to facilitate the switch from iPhone to Android, it is called “Switch to Android” on the Apple App Store. However, you won’t find it by searching for it in the App Store, it’s hidden. You need to know its address to download it.

The app walks users through the typical process that new Android device owners would have to go through anyway. This includes backing up contacts, calendar items and your photos. These are features that were already available on Google Drive and Google Photos. It also shows users how to disable iMessage. It’s basically a to-do list to get all your data from your iPhone and move it to your new Android phone.

The app will ask you to scan a QR code of the device being set up when it launches. It also doesn’t require the two phones to be connected via some sort of cable, as most of the data transfers are done via Google accounts and Google Drive. The most important part is disabling iMessage, otherwise other iPhone users will get errors when sending SMS.