Sunday, May 22

Marion Cotillard: Cap on the head and raised fist … The actress mobilized during a demonstration

The actress Marion Cotillard was seen last weekend during the great mobilization for ecology. It is not the first time that the 46-year-old actress invites herself in a big social movement.
Last April 9, on the eve of the presidential election, personalities were gathered at the great demonstration “for the future” between the Place de la République and Bastille in Paris. The Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard was notably seen at this great meeting created at the initiative of environmentalist, anti-racist, feminist and anti-precarious organizations and groups.

83 events were organized on Saturday in Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Toulouse, at the call of more than 300 associations, collectives, unions or local movements. In the capital, a pleiad of stars were mobilized. Elsa Wolinski (daughter of Georges and Maryse Wolinski) and the director Cyril Dion (to whom we owe projects in favor of ecology like Demain) were notably seen with Marion Cotillard. With the latter, the actress had met Emmanuel Macron in 2019 to discuss the issue of ecology. It is with a green and gray cap and a sign “the future is written together” that the star of 46 years is displayed (see slideshow). The interpreter of La môme had already participated in a social movement in 2020, against the text of the law “global security” alongside his companion Guillaume Canet, JoeyStarr or Alysson Paradis.

In Paris, 5,600 demonstrators walked between the Bastille and Republic squares, according to the police, 35,000 according to the organizers. A hundred “Yellow Vests” had left at the head of the procession. “This is an unprecedented gathering,” had said Lorette Philippot, spokesperson for Friends of the Earth. “If we are not allowed to talk about the candidates today, it is also an opportunity to talk about themes that have been forgotten during the campaign.” Indeed, the law prohibits since Friday night midnight any election propaganda. The ecological candidate Yannick Jadot marched stealthily behind a truck of his party, EELV. As for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, he “passed quickly and discreetly”, according to his entourage. These marches, unprecedented and united, would have gathered a total of 60,000 demonstrators according to the organizers.